Michigan Ongoing Health & Safety Training Refresher

Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2023 (Refresher 2023) is available online. This FREE, 2 hour training meets the ongoing health and safety training requirement for child care providers.
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Ongoing Health & Safety Training Refresher
Take the free, 2-hour refresher course to meet the annual ongoing health and safety requirement.

Registering For Refresher 2023

This training is an interactive online training. Your learning will be assessed throughout the training. This training covers the following topics:

  • Administration of Medications
  • Prevention and Response to Emergencies due to Food & Allergic Reactions
  • Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease, including Immunizations
  • Handling & Storage of Hazardous Materials & Appropriate Disposal of Bio-contaminants

You can register for this training by visiting either the MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar or Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal. For step-by-step instructions, review the Navigating to the Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2023 Course guide.

Learn More About Registering for Refresher 2023

Please Note: This online training is facilitated by Michigan Virtual. For questions about accessing this training in Michigan Virtual, creating a Michigan Virtual account, or navigating the Professional Learning Portal contact Michigan Virtual.

Michigan Virtual has Customer Care Hours Monday – Friday: 7:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Users may call 888-889-2840 or submit a support ticket for assistance.

Helpful Tips and Links For Refresher 2023

MiRegistry and Michigan Virtual are working together to ensure that navigating to, registering for, and successfully completing Refresher 2023 is a seamless experience. We have compiled a list of frequently visited links and helpful tips that will help you!
This document can either be printed or saved to your computer as the links are presented as QR codes and hyperlinked text.
Michigan Ongoing Health & Safety Training Refresher 2023: Helpful Links and Tips

Checking Attendance Records

After you complete this training, be sure to review the Training page of your MiRegistry Profile to ensure the training is listed as VERIFIED.  Review the Health and Safety Verification guide for more information.
MiRegistry Personal ProfileRefresher 2023 Verification
  1. Log in to your MiRegistry Profile.
  2. Click on the TRAINING tab at the top of your screen (shown above).
  3. Find the Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2023 and make sure it is listed as VERIFIED (shown above).
If you don’t see the training verified on your training tab, you can check to see that you have completed the course by clicking on the “Check Completion Status” in the course module. This will indicate whether you are complete or incomplete. If incomplete, there will be a list of any activities that are incomplete. You can then go to each activity and complete it.