Staff Report

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Did you know you can use your MiRegistry Organization Profile to quickly and effectively manage your program? One of the most important resources you can access is the Staff Report. The Staff Report provides a snapshot of your employees’ hours of work experience, training hours, and their Career Pathway level. New information such as employees’ MiRegistry Membership Status, School Age Credits, Cultural Competency and Inclusive Practice Hours, and Family Engagement Hours are now included to help you readily see everything you need to know to effectively manage your staff.

The staff report was updated in May 2020. Be sure to check out the sample Staff Report below and read more about some of the highlights:Staff Report

1: Current / Past Employees

You can view summaries of your current and your previous employees.

2: Name of Employee

By clicking on the name of an employee, you can open that employee’s Learning Record and see a detailed list of the completed courses that have been verified by MiRegistry.

*** Please Note: Due to our privacy practice, you do not have access to previous employees’ Learning Records. ***

3: Total Hours of Experience

You can see the total number of hours of work experience each employee has in the early childhood and school age field. The total is calculated based on what the employee has listed on their employment history in their MiRegistry Profile.

4: Employment Verification Status

You can see the employment verification status for each employee.

*** Please Note: For an employee’s verified educational accomplishments to be counted in your program’s rating, you must verify the employee’s employment with your organization. ***

5: MiRegistry Membership Status **NEW!** / Career Pathway Level / Highest Level of Education

You are able to view each employee’s MiRegistry membership status and Career Pathway Level. Use the Staff Report to review your employees’ highest level of education (based on the documentation sent to MiRegistry), ensuring it matches your expectation.

Helpful Tip: If an employee is a current member but the Highest Level of Education isn’t listed on this report, there might have been an issue with the documentation that your employee sent to MiRegistry.

The employee can follow these steps to check and/or update their MiRegistry profiles:

  1. The employee should log in to their MiRegistry account.
  2. The employee can review any notes from MiRegistry regarding the documentation that was sent. If the documentation was not acceptable, MiRegistry staff notes will provide explanation.
  3. If the employee would like their highest level of education updated, they should first resubmit their membership application online and then send in acceptable documentation. For more information on acceptable documentation, please review our Acceptable Documentation Policy.

6: School Age Credits **NEW!** / Cultural Competency & Inclusive Practice Hours **NEW!** / Family Engagement Hours **NEW!**

These new additions were added to this report based on feedback we’ve heard from across the state. Now you can easily find the number of college credits each employee has related to School Age, the training hours that count for Cultural Competency and Inclusive Practices, and the training hours related to Family Engagement.

7: Total Training Hours

You can see the total number of training hours for each employee within the time period you enter for this report.

Helpful Tip: If you want specific information about the training hours that are verified for a current employee, you may click on their name to access their Learning Record