How You Can Find Training

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The MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar has thousands of training events and a user-friendly menu to help you search. Use the Statewide Training Calendar to find MiRegistry approved training to meet your professional development needs including Great Start to Quality professional development indicators. 

Please use the resources below to help you use the Statewide Training Calendar to find training.

4 Tips on Finding Training

Discover four tips on how to use the MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar and find Training!

Health and Safety Training

Learn more about the initial and ongoing health and safety training requirements for licensed and license-exempt providers.

How to Register for Training

See how you can find and register for a training event using the MiRegistry Statewide Training Calendar.

Health and Safety Training Verification Tip Sheet

See how you can verify completion records of the health and safety training as well as some tips on taking this training.

How to find Great Start to Quality Orientation Training

See how you can find and register for the Great Start to Quality Orientation Training.

*** This training is for License Exempt Providers only. ***

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get to the Statewide Training Calendar at:

You may also access the Statewide Training Calendar from our homepage or from your MiRegistry Profile. (see images below)

Access the Statewide Training Calendar right from the home page of our website by clicking Search Training.
Access the Statewide Training Calendar from your MiRegistry Profile.  Click on the left navigation menu and choose Search Training Events.

To find free training events, go to the training calendar, go to the “Training Fee” section in the training filters, and set the maximum fee to $0. This will bring up events that do not charge a registration fee.  

Please watch our short video that shows how to find free training.

To find Great Start to Quality Orientation trainings for license-exempt providers, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the training calendar.
  2. Type GSQ in the Course Title field in the training filters. You can adjust the From Date and To Date filters to show dates you are available before clicking Search
  3. When you find a GSQ Orientation that you are able to attend, click the blue Register button and follow the prompts to register. 

For more information and step-by-step guidance, download our Finding GSQ Orientation Training support guide.

For more information on registering for this training, please visit our Health and Safety Training page.

Yes! Some of our Training Sponsor Organizations require registration to be completed on their web sites. As long as you found the training on the MiRegistry calendar, you can be assured that the course/event is MiRegistry approved.

No! All trainings found on and registered for through the Statewide Training Calendar are offered by Training Sponsor Organizations that will automatically verify your attendance. Once your attendance is verified, you will see the training credited in your profile.