Best Practices: Guide for Resource Center staff

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This guide highlights best practices for Resource Center staff as they enter courses and events in the MiRegistry system.

1. When entering events in the system, to utilize online registration, you must enter the event under your organization’s Training Entry page. Please make sure that you are seeing your organization name listed in the top right name drop-down menu as well as next to ‘Training Entry’. We recommend entering all events through your organization’s training entry page.
(see example below)

1. When using a national trainer for training, you will enter the course with no authorized trainer.
2. When entering the event from the course, you will add the national trainer’s name to the event.
3. Click + TRAINER
(see example below)

4. Indicate that you do not want to use an approved trainer, enter the trainer’s name and qualifications, and click ADD
(see example below)

1. Approved trainers can be searched in the trainer search in the ‘Search for Training Events’ feature.
2. In your individual profile, under your ‘Trainer’ tab, ensure that YES is marked for including your name in trainer lists.
3. If ‘no’ is marked, click EDIT INFORMATION and click YES.
(see example below)

1. When entering an event on your organization’s training entry page, you will need to enable online registration before you submit your event.
2. On the Registration and Fees tab, select YES that registration is required.
3. Click the ‘Register Online?’ box.
(see example below)

1. Please note that once an event is submitted, most of the information cannot be edited. Additionally, once your event is marked as ‘Completed’, you cannot edit the roster. However, you can edit and manage your online registration setting at any time.
(see example below)

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