Ongoing Health & Safety Training: Refresher 2022

Registering for Training
Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2022 (Refresher 2022) is available. This FREE training meets the ongoing health and safety training requirement for child care providers, is 2.0 hours, and covers the following topics:

  • Handling and storage of hazardous materials and appropriate disposal of bio-contaminants
  • Appropriate precautions in transporting children
  • Building and physical premises safety
  • Emergency preparedness, response and recovery

Note: This communication does not serve as the official LARA announcement for licensed child care providers. LARA will provide an official announcement for licensed providers. When they publish that announcement, licensed providers will have 6 months from the date of the announcement to complete the training. Licensed providers may complete the training prior to the announcement and they will receive credit.

Checking your Attendance Records
After you complete this training, be sure to review the Training page of your MiRegistry Profile to ensure the training is listed as VERIFIED (see below).

  1. Log in to your MiRegistry Profile.
  2. Click on the TRAINING tab at the top of your screen (shown above).
  3. Find the Michigan Ongoing Health and Safety Training Refresher 2022 and make sure it is listed as VERIFIED (shown above).

Questions?  Please review our Health and Safety Verification Tips Sheet for more information and guidance.

This article originally appeared in News For Now, March 2022 issue.